How Will #AR Achieve Mass Adoption?

What the average person may not realize is that the growth of Augmented Reality (AR) is actually the expansion of the internet into our physical world. In the coming years, the internet will be transformed into a 3-dimensional experience. As people point their phones at logos to find coupons and other information, the associated brands will begin to come to life though AR engagement.

 So, how will this work?  How will the average person learn to look for AR experiences by pointing a phone at a logo or product?

It will be very similar to learning how to use the App Store.  Do you remember how you learned what an App was? What about the process of downloading and installing an App? When I ask people these questions I almost always get the same answer: "Apple taught me." Does that mean Steve Jobs came to your house and gave you a tutorial? Of course not. In fact, Apple didn't train anyone; we trained ourselves with the company's help. It's highly likely that your understanding of Apps initiated with a friend or family member (or even a helpful stranger), and those people probably learned the same way. Perhaps you saw something interesting and unfamiliar happening on their phone, and that sparked the discussion. Soon, you learned that almost any business or idea could have its own App, and bingo—you understood the App store. Augmented reality will be the same. People will see someone doing something amazing on their phone, they'll ask questions, and soon they'll become a pro.

As AR adoption moves toward ubiquity, every physical object will be given a digital address with a wide variety of information attached. Point your phone at a banana and the nutritional information will appear. Point it at car and learn the price, gas mileage, and available colors. Point it at a person and facial recognition will identify them and display their public social media profiles. Point it at any product and you'll be able to buy it with just a few clicks.  The 3-dimensional internet will take over our world, and mass AR adoption will transform the way we use our mobile phones forever.

The Intersection of Augmented Reality and Real Estate